Post Socialistic City Tour De Luxe

Off-the-beaten-track experience

Unfortunately we will not be available in 2024, we will be back in 2025

Take our funky retro tour in a legendary 1970’s car Škoda 120 or in fabulous 1980’s car Škoda 105, both Made in Czechoslovakia, through the off-the-beaten-track places of the communist past, as well as recent transformations in Košice, the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia.

Visit vast concrete housing estate areas, a socialistic district build on a meadow, a Cold War shelter, an abandoned magnesite factory and a railway tunnel, neighborhoods of rich and poor, a local pub, former barracks, a brewery and a swimming pool transformed intoa  cultural venue and many unique places. Local insights guaranteed!

There is Basic tour or most popular tour DeLuxe.

Please note that in some cases (winter conditions, car repairs etc.) we can not guarantee the retro car. 21st century modern car will be used instead for transportation.

4 hour Košice city tour DeLuxe

Sites covered during 4-hour post-socialistic city tour De Luxe may vary a bit, but this is more or less what you will see:

Everything from basic 2-hour authentic Košice city tour


| Communist architecture in the city Košice (socialist realism, functionalism, brutalism)

| East Slovakian Steelworks - a factory with the biggest impact to city Košice

| Completely new socialistic city built as a satellite industrial town

| Genuine luxury hotel with an unique authentic 70´s spirit

| Oversized iconic statues and sculptures of communist leaders

| Emergency reservoir of of service water made available to the public for recreational purposes

| Atomic shelter from the Cold War

+ Slovak national drink and tasty authentic waffle bar

+ Local drink in authentic pub /krčma/

+ Unique experience of driving iconic & authentic car Skoda

2 hour Košice Basic tour

Sites covered during 2 hour post-socialistic city tour may vary a bit, but this is more or less what you will see:


| Central square, a place of liberation during the world war II and 20 years later the place of military intervention by the same army

| The biggest and the most modern shopping centre in Slovakia during the socialism time

| Military complex transformed to a modern cultural centre awarded as the Best architecture in Slovakia 2014

| A river in our historical downtown converted to 4-way road

| A swimming pool transformed into the cultural venue

| 22 thousand square meters of administration called White House, Headquarters of local Communist Party

| The largest Mural in Czechoslovakia located on prefabricated socialist appartment block

| Terasa or KVP or Ťahanovce and other large estates from concrete-panel tower blocks


+ Slovak national drink and tasty authentic waffle bar - all inclusive


Basic tour
2 passengers, €49 each
3 passengers, €39 each
4 passengers*, €35 each

DeLUXE tour
2 passengers, €69 each
3 passengers, €59 each
4 passengers*, €49 each

*squeezed at the back seats


Duration: 2 or 4 hours

Availability: all year round

Included: Vintage 1970's / 1980's Škoda car, transport, guide, authentic biscuit and drink

Meeting point: Main street 1 or your accommodation

Time: according to agreement

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