About Košice

Košice, the City of Peace, Metropolis of Eastern Slovakia and the Capital of the East Coast. One town, 22 town districts, 892 streets, 242,8 square kilometres, 242,000 inhabitants, one thousand authentic citizens living per square kilometre.

The largest town monument reserve in Slovakia, Villa Cassa, Kassa, Kossa, Casscha, Cassouia, Cossicze, Cassovia, Cassow, Caschowia, Kaschau, Kossicze, Kossice, Košice. Many names, but all the routes lead to only one magnicient place on Earth.

Košice are big enough. One can easily get lost in the city’s streets, but small enough to meet your friends, while wondering around.

Košice tastes like strawberries from market on Dominican´s Square and the best beers in Slovakia. Sounds like trams and gipsy songs and looks like patchwork blanket in the grass.

When you are hearing stories of this city, you realize that it speaks various languages and dialects. So why don’t you visit us and try a discover a magical world of our city.

Population in thousands
Travel time from Bratislava in hours
St. Elizabeth's cathedral built in
First marathon in Europe